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Jester in Training

I see life in technicolour

Kefka Palazzo
19 November
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Name: Kefka Palazzo.
Age: Sixteen.
Nationality: Italian-American.
Gender: Male, if, accidentally, a little on the girly side.
Extra curricular activities: Drama Club.


Kefka is the second son of a quite wealthy family who he just doesn't get along with. Possibly because they're very straitlaced while Kefka is more the straitjacket type of person. Arguably not entirely sane, though no where as insane as he can sometimes act. He is, in fact, mentally unbalanced, but is on medication and gets therapy. He just likes making people wonder.

As a general rule, Kefka is a good student, being quite intelligent, but he has troubles with logical subjects and he strongly dislikes gym. He excells in subjects he can be creative in.

He's not the easiest to get along with, as he's terribly odd at the best of times, though he's not exactly hostile, unless he has a reason to be. Most people just find his mannerism and jester-like appearance unsettling.

Physically, Kefka isn't particularly impressive. He's a small and slight young man, at 5'4" and somewhere around 105 lbs. He wears his blond hair long, usually up in a high ponytail, and has very pale blue eyes that tend to be called creepy. He has a fascination with jesters, and would probably wear jester-styled makeup to school if it wasn't for the little shred he still has of common sense, telling him it's a bad idea. He often wears makeup around the house, though and since he rarely bothers to remove if before bed, it's not unusual to have him come into school with still a hint of eyeliner.

His sense of dress style also reflects his odd habits, and generally consists of bright colours and strange outfits. Kefka is good with his hands and makes a lot of his own clothing. It explains a lot.

Despite his weird behaviour and looks, he's more often avoided than bullied. Mostly because he's fully capable of giving as good as he gets, and he'll bite if provoked.

Class Schedule:

I. English III
II. Algebra II
III. US History
IV. Chemistry
V. Jewelery
VI. Gym
VII. Drawing

Role Play: Played by ashkaztra, who isn't Kefka. (Just a devoted Kefka Cultist...)