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Kefka Palazzo [userpic]


August 19th, 2006 (03:24 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Silent Hill 4 - Theme of Laura

I wasn't late today! Which is sadly a rare thing for me. I really need to get back in control of myself. I haven't really bothered during the vacation, because I was pretty much just playing "avoid the family". Much as I love Italy, my family there is the old and traditional kind. So I went for a lot of walks with my drawing pads, or went into town. I didn't have a schedule back there.

But I do now, and clearly, I fail miserably at it. So it's definately time to get back on track.

Today was definately a better day. Except for the dodgeball thing. Good thing I don't bruise as easily as you'd think, with my skin tone (or lack thereof). I brought tea for lunch. I'll put up with cafeteria food, but that stuff they call tea... ...I'd rather drink dishwasher soap. So I brought my own. Extra strongly infused chaï with cream. I swear, it's so good it should be illegal.

Anyway. Friday. Which means I have two days to pull myself together. I might not be particularly serious, but I do actually like learning. As long as I like the subject, that is. And I have two subjects I actually love, even. Both Drawing and Jewelry are turning out to be all I'd wanted. Makes up for Algebra II and Gym.

Of course, it also means two days of being able to do fun things. Like play games. I still need to finish the latest Silent Hill game.

Kefka Palazzo [userpic]

Note to self:

August 17th, 2006 (08:10 pm)

current mood: frustrated
current song: Silent Hill 2 - Music Box

Books need to be packed the evening before. Writing and drawing supplies are in the cherry red thing on the desk that nobody in the house knows what is. Bag is on the chair by the desk. Clothing, too, should be picked out the evening before and hung on bookshelf. Being late every day is not acceptable, no matter how disorganized you are.

I'd print this out and hang it somewhere I'd be certain to see it, but... ...I can't find my printer now. I really should have words with my doctor over this, because it's getting ridiculous.

Kefka Palazzo [userpic]

So, school is back in session...

August 17th, 2006 (12:42 am)

current mood: bored
current song: Közi - Honey Vanity

And was it ever boring.

Predictably, I couldn't find anything of what I needed for school, ended up running around the house like a nutcase, annoying the hell out of the parentals, and eventually, was five minutes late for class. What a good start.

Good thing it was one of the boring classes. I like English, but I'm very easily bored. I started a new coat design. I have a ton of red and purple brocade that needs to be used.

Then it was the class of Doom. Algebra II, that is. I got bored before it even started. More coat design for me. I think the teacher asked me something, but I wasn't paying attention.

I don't even remember US History. Promising, that. I badly need to work on my attention span.

Chemistry is always fun. Oh so much that can go boom! What?

Jewelry was actually fun. I love working with my hands. Also, shiny beads is a good thing. I already have a great idea for new earrings.

Gym was... ...Well, I hate gym. You try being a fairly "delicately" built guy in gym. NO FUN!

But Drawing made up for it. I finished my coat designs there. I also got to discuss drawing supplies with my teacher, which is sort of fun. Got a tip for a place to get good papers for a decent price. Duely noted.

Now, to clean my room! I might be disorganized, but I can't live in this mess.

Kefka Palazzo [userpic]

It's a conspiracy!

August 15th, 2006 (09:06 pm)

current mood: pensive

I still can't find my sewing supplies.

But that's not the conspiracy. That's either me being disorganized or my family being asses.

I was thinking of the Gym class, actually. From what I can tell, it seems about 90% of the school has the same gym class. There has to be some sort of plot. Such things doesn't happen by coincidence. And I certainly don't believe in fate. So a plot, then.

Will provide something to think about in Algebra, that. Better than thinking about equations.

Kefka Palazzo [userpic]


August 14th, 2006 (07:54 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: Chopin, apparently. Need to find my CDs...

Well, that worked out even better than I thought! I got supplies for school, and I avoided mother’s horrible pot roast. Honestly, the woman can’t cook to save her life. I had roasted potatoes and beef at a restaurant, instead. Next time I get asked why I’m so skinny; I’ll invite them to try mother’s food. That should explain it. I’m a better cook than she is and I burn ninety percent of whatever I try making.

Ah, well. Any reason to not have dinner with the parents and brother is a good thing. They’re so damn boring it hurts. I tried to talk to my brother today, but he just wanted to implore me to be serious and consider getting a makeover. I was tempted to hit him, but then he went all whispery and conspiring, asking me if I could recommend a good makeup brand. When I finally stopped laughing, he started waxing poetic about this girl he likes so I went away. I really don’t want to know about his love life. Ick!

Which was largely why I went shopping. Well, that and the fact that no matter how much I looked, I couldn’t find any of my school supplies from last year. I could have sworn I had them in a box somewhere, but no. Unless they were in the box that sort of melted a few weeks ago…

The loot!Collapse )

Now, where did I put my sewing supplies? I want to work on my bag…

…I really need to clean my room, it seems.

Kefka Palazzo [userpic]

THAT time again...

August 14th, 2006 (01:44 pm)

current mood: thoughtful

School time, that is. Bleh.

I would say I'm looking forwards to it, but then I'd be lying, and that's not very nice.

At least my schedule is halfway decent.

1. English III (The only compulsory class I like...)
2. Algebra II (Argh!)
3. US History (Why is this compulsary again? I'm not even American! At least not fully...)
4. Chemistry (Let's see if I can break my old record in making things go boom, shall we?)
5. Jewelery (At last, a fun class!)
6. Gym (And then one much less fun. If anyone dares pick on me again, I'll kick them where it hurts...)
7. Drawing (Much love for that.)

Father keeps telling me to drop the jewelery ("you don't need more girly habits!") and take Italian instead. What's the point? I speak Italian. I'd rather learn something I didn't know, thank you very much, even if I would have gotten great grades in Italian. Besides, if it pisses father off, all the better.

Which reminds me, I need to go pick up drawing supplies before the store closes. Off I go, then. I doubt my journal will run away in the meantime...

((OOC: I hope I did the class stuff properly. I didn't go to a US high school, so I'm not used to the system...))

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